I.B.H. Proceeding

We’ve created a skill system for Itty Bitty Heroes that will allow your hero to improve and advance – and allow some strategic planning options for the player.  There will now be a number of skills that you can improve with hero points.  Hero points can be purchased with coins that you collect in game.

Here are the skills:

  • Health – directly affects the number of hits you can take before dying
  • Eyebeams – increases the amount of damage done by the eyebeam attack
  • Fist Blast – increases the amount of damage done by the fist blast attack and decreases energy cost
  • Breath Attack – increases the “freeze” effect, slowing down the enemy more
  • Shield – increases duration of the shield
  • Speed – increases the speed at which the hero moves
  • Recharge – increases the amount of energy you regenerate per second

Those are the skills we have so far.  Each skill will have 5 levels.  Not sure if we’ll have a special ability unlocked once you max the skill.

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