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New Stuff

We have a working prototype at this point.  We’ve added some sounds and have all of the customization options working… well, there’s still a strange issue with the gloves on the boy superhero, but it looks really good… you can choose one of 10 colors, so it should provide some fun configuration! Also have the […]

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I.B.H. Proceeding

We’ve created a skill system for Itty Bitty Heroes that will allow your hero to improve and advance – and allow some strategic planning options for the player.  There will now be a number of skills that you can improve with hero points.  Hero points can be purchased with coins that you collect in game. […]

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More Progress on I.B.H.

We’ve made a good deal of progress on Itty Bitty Heroes.  We have bought an artpack that is almost as if it were made for this game.  It features our two super heroes – a boy and a girl.  We’re contracting an artist to create a bunch of custom aliens for the game. In addition, […]

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Itty Bitty Heroes In the Works

In a similar vein to Super Parker, I’m creating a new Arcade style game called Itty Bitty Heroes.  It will be an action game that follows two heroes as they try to save Earth from an alien invasion. I know, it’s not much to go on and it sounds very similar to SuperParker, but there […]

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New Games

Currently continuing to work on Paige & Braden Save Christmas.  Actually have an oDesk job posted for level design while I continue to work on the mechanics. In addition, I’ve have my artist working on a new graphic of Hunter as Hunter the Lumberjack – I know, shameless clone of Timberman, but it should be […]

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