Cressman Studios is based in Macungie, Pennsylvania and has been in the process for about 20 years, when John Cressman first got the idea to build video games.  It was actually his main reason for learning computer at the time, so that he could eventually create his own videos games.

Many tools and languages have come and gone and technology has changed to a point where John came across GameSalad.  GameSalad is a product that allows you to focus less on coding the game and more on the design of the game itself.  So while you must still understand the logic behind the game, you are shackled with doing both the coding and the design.

Cressman Studios first few games are using characters created from his nieces and nephews, which he has 15 – with the 16th on the way.  Zachary vs Aliens was the first, followed by Gage’s Dino Preserve and SuperParker but there will be others plus games that have been floating around in John’s head for years!

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